Orthodontics at Smile Center for Kids

All About Orthodontics at Smile Center For Kids

At Smile Center for Kids, we offer orthodontic treatment options to our patients. We use proven state-of-the-art technology to complete orthodontic treatment in the most comfortable and efficient way possible so that each patient receives a healthy and happy smile that can last a lifetime.

When Should My Child Be Seen to Learn If Orthodontic Treatment Is Needed?

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children get an orthodontic checkup before they turn seven, as soon as there’s a sign of an orthodontic problem.

When our experienced dentists see young patients for regular dental checkups, they are able to identify emerging orthodontic problems and develop a plan for how they can be corrected, whether that means treating them with the orthodontic treatment options available at Smile Center for Kids or recommending an orthodontist to tackle a particularly complex case.

Benefits of Clear Braces (Clear Aligner Trays)

Having straight teeth isn’t only about improving the cosmetic appearance of a smile; there are many other benefits as well, including:

  • Clearer speech: crooked or crowded teeth or a bad bite can make it difficult to enunciate when speaking. Orthodontic treatment fixes that, and it’s worth the adjustment period of learning to speak effectively around the clear aligners for the end result.
  • Improved digestion: it might sound strange, but having straight teeth makes digestion more efficient. Chewing is an important step in the process, and not being able to chew effectively puts a heavier burden on the rest of the digestive system.
  • Improved breathing: an orthodontic problem often makes it uncomfortable to close the jaws while resting, which tends to result in mouth breathing, a habit linked with many negative health effects.
  • Easier brushing and flossing: it’s harder to effectively clean teeth that overlap and crowd together than straight teeth.

On top of the benefits of having straight teeth, getting them with clear aligners or invisible braces adds a few more: no banned foods list, no risk of being called a “brace-face,” and the aligners can be removed for easy brushing and flossing.

Which Teeth Straightening Option Is Right For Me?

Clear braces will fit easily into your teenager’s lifestyle, and you and they will both be happy you came to Smile Center for Kids for their orthodontic treatment. We offer two options for teeth straightening, and we can help parents and patients determine which system would be best:

  • Invisalign: Your teen will progress through a series of clear aligners that gradually move their teeth into their proper alignment. Invisalign Teen aligners include blue indicators that fade to let parents know if they’re wearing them as often as they should.
  • Tréz MaxComfort: Tréz aligners progress from a soft aligner that prepares the cellular processes that move teeth during orthodontic treatment to a medium aligner to a hard aligner that completes the treatment, ensuring comfort and efficiency.

Am I a Candidate for Clear Braces?

Clear braces are the ideal solution for many patients, but some orthodontic problems are too complex for them to fix, such as severe tooth rotation, extra large gaps, intrusion and extrusion, or midline movements. Some problems require visible attachments to otherwise invisible braces.

Some patients are ineligible because their teeth aren’t a good shape for holding the aligners in place or they have a dental bridge or other dental work that isn’t compatible with aligners. If you want to learn more, you can try out the Invisalign Go survey to find out if Invisalign could be a good solution for your child. Trez aligners are also an excellent option for many patients.

How Smile Center for Kids Can Help

If you want to find out if your teenager could benefit from invisible braces and would like a consultation, please give us a call at either our Sunland Park Drive location (915) 455-3365 or our Edgemere location (915) 455-3448. We would love to listen to your concerns and find a treatment plan that is perfect for them at our dental office in El Paso, TX.