Treatment for Kids’ Tooth Infections

Tooth Infection Treatment for Kids

What Are the Symptoms of an Infected Tooth?

When the root of a tooth becomes badly infected, it causes extreme pain. You’ll notice the pain when you bite down or chew. You may also have a painful sensation when you drink hot or cold liquids, which can linger for a time. Some patients in need of endodontic treatment have small, pimple-like bumps on their gums when they come in for their consultation. These are all common signs of a tooth with an infected root.

Root Canal Treatment for Kids

If your child is experiencing severe tooth pain and the infection has not gone away after using antibiotics, it may ne time to think about getting a root canal. Root canal procedures are only performed on adult teeth, so if your child has an infection in a baby tooth it will simply be pulled. With root canal treatment we can remove the infection and relieve your child’s pain.

Root Canal Procedure

During root canal treatment, we will carefully remove the pulp inside of a tooth, clean, disinfect, and shape the root canal, and then place a filling to seal the space. It’s a simple procedure that will relieve tooth pain caused by infection. At Smile Center for Kids our priority is always making sure your child is comfortable before and during any procedures.

Root Canals for Kids in El Paso TX

If your child is in need of a root canal call Smile Center for Kids at our Sunland Location: 915-213-1200 or our Edgemere Location: 915-493-6310 for more information.