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Can the Chlorine in Pool Water Affect Your Child’s Smile?

girls in swimming pool

It’s summertime, and that probably means you and your family are spending more time outside playing and even cooling off in the pool. At our children’s dental offices in El Paso, we know just how fun taking dip in a cool swimming pool can be, not to mention it’s great exercise for kids and adults…
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What is Sedation Dentistry for Kids?

young boy in dental chair

At Smile Center for Kids, we take our patients’ comfort very seriously and are dedicated to keeping them calm and relaxed at every appointment. However, there are times when the noise of the drill is scary (we get it!), treatment is too long for little ones to sit so still, or our special needs patients…
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All About Fluoride

beautiful young girl in a spring field

Fluoride has been used in the prevention of tooth decay and cavities since it was first introduced into public water supplies in 1945. But there are some research studies that suggest that fluoride isn’t safe for kids. At Smile Center for Kids, we’d like to help debunk that theory and explain the benefits of fluoride…
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Could Allergies Affect Your Kid’s Dental Health?

girl with allergies

If your child gets a stuffy nose when the pollen count is high, every time he’s around a cat, or has an even worse reaction to certain foods, it’s likely he’s suffering from an allergic reaction. The typical symptoms of allergies include itchy eyes, a stuffed up nose, or difficulty breathing. But did you know…
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Let’s Play Detective: 3 Clues That Your Child Isn’t Brushing

smiling young girl

As a parent, you try to make brushing, flossing, and overall oral hygiene fun for your kids. At first, they may really enjoy the brightly colored toothpaste, the toothbrush shaped like their favorite cartoon character, and the floss they can twirl around their fingers. After all, you’re finally letting them put something in their mouths…
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April is National Facial Protection Month

field hockey

As the weather gets warmer and kids are spending more time outside, perhaps participating in some fun spring sports, we’re happy to see them out of the house doing something active. But it’s not all fun and games when their little smiles and angelic faces are at risk for injuries. That’s one reason Smile Center…
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Is Your Child Getting Enough Calcium?

foods with calcium

Calcium is most commonly noted as being a crucial mineral for strong bone development. However, at our children’s dental offices in El Paso we also know that calcium is an essential part of building strong and healthy teeth. But just how much calcium does your growing child need? The Importance of Calcium in Kids Before…
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The Best & Worst Easter Candy for Teeth

Easter bunny cake

As we head into another month with a holiday that’s typically celebrated with loads of candy, Smile Center for Kids wants to remind our patients that while you don’t need to totally avoid packing Easter baskets with sweet treats, you should choose your candy wisely. This Easter, try to avoid these top three worst candies,…
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