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Celebrate National Children’s Dental Health Month with Your El Paso Children’s Dentist

baby with toothbrush

Each and every February, Smile Center for Kids joins the American Dental Association (ADA) in celebrating National Children’s Dental Health Month. This month-long dedication to children’s oral health strives to promote the importance of proper brushing, flossing, and regular dental visits for strong and healthy growing smiles. This year, learn how you can get involved…
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Valentine’s Day Treats Your Teeth will Love

valentine's day candy

Valentine’s Day is a celebration packed with red hearts, sweet notes, and yummy treats. It’s a fun day for kids, opening up all their valentines and nibbling on snacks. But like most holiday treats, some popular Valentine’s Day foods aren’t so great for teeth. This year, instead of handing out the sugar-packed candy hearts, consider…
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Is Tooth Whitening Safe for Teens?

teen girl brushing her teeth

As your child enters her teen years, she may begin to consider whitening her smile using over-the-counter tooth whitening strips. But as her parent, you’re unsure if smile whitening is safe for her growing grin. Smile Center for Kids is here to provide you some insight on whitening strips and some risks of using them….
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Your El Paso Children’s Dentist Says, “Eat Chocolate!”

young woman eats chocolate

We’ve got some fantastic news for all of our patients and parents with an active sweet tooth! It may come as a surprise, but the team at Smile Center for Kids is telling everyone to go ahead and eat chocolate — for your smile’s sake! But before you head out to buy a dozen of…
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The Surprising Reason You Need Vitamin D During Pregnancy

pregnant woman takes vitamins

During pregnancy, mom-to-be’s body needs adequate amounts of certain vitamins to support not only her system, but her growing baby too. Vitamin D is one of these vitamins that serves an important role. A proper intake of vitamin D helps mom’s bones stay strong, promotes healthy cell division, and supports calcium absorption. But getting enough…
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Secondhand Smoke and Children’s Health

secondhand smoke

Earlier this month, the American Cancer Society hosted its annual Great American Smokeout to encourage smokers to pick a day to work consistently towards quitting in order to reduce their risk of all the health complications that can result from being a smoker. But smoking doesn’t only affect the smoker. Those who live with a…
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5 Ways to Help Your Child Avoid the Flu

young boy with fever

‘Tis the season of sniffles and coughs, body aches and congestion. It’s officially the time of year when the flu can make for a miserable few days. But it doesn’t have to take its toll on your kids or you. The Smile Center for Kids is here to help you prevent the flu this season…
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